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IMAT Global, The leading digital marketing agency in Kochi. We provide the complete digital marketing solution for our client, Our approach towards work is to use the most modern tools and strategies our clients marketing plans to digital platform and target the audience across the globe.
Our digital marketing service extends from online marketing and offline marketing. We offer offline marketing services as FM radio, television and phone marketing and electronic billboard marketing. Our online marketing services are as below.

Social media marketing (SMM)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Pay per click advertising (PPC)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content marketing
Email marketing
Digital marketing consists of promoting your brand/product/services via different digital Medias such as website, social media, mobile application, email, search engines or any new digital platforms.Influencer marketing,


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Social media marketing

As a leading digital marketing agency Kochi we offer the top notch Social media marketing and social media optimization services to our customers. Our passionate internet marketing team work with you to understand your business goals and create social media content which can be circulated through different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The social media marketing help you to increase brand awareness, build the trust your audience and generate more leads and boost conversions. As per the recent studies by hubspot the largest audience social media platform is facebook which having 1.79 billion daily active users worldwide. It is important to understand who is your prospecting audience and determine which social media channel will work for your brand. And some recent studies says that 71 % of audience who are likely to purchase by social media referrals. .

How Social media (SMM) marketing help your business? Social Media Marketing can increase your brand awareness with cost effective marketing budget
Social Media Marketing can build the trust of brand and relation with audience
Social Media Marketing can generate quality leads and generate prospecting customers
You can model your competitors and apply same tactics on your business

#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global
Best Digital Marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global

content marketing

We are living in an era of content consumption. IMAT Global, the best digital marketing company in Kochi we offer multiple content marketing options to our clients from Social media content marketing, Info graphic content marketing , Blog content marketing, Video content marketing , Podcast content marketing & Paid Ad content marketing. Our content team plan, create, distribute, share and publish the content focusing a target audience in order to get more website traffic and social media leads and conversions. It is important to understand why your brand required a content marketing. The best way of content marketing is story telling method the audience attention will go to those who tells stories. Content marketing is a strategy which should focus for a long term, by creating and delivering relevant and quality content with your audience and make them believe in you and made a purchase.

How content marketing help your business? Content marketing increase your brand visibility and improves the brand awareness.
Content marketing help you to rank on higher positions in search engines.
Content marketing can drive more traffic and sales.
Content marketing can influence on purchasing behavior of clients and decision making.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the perfect way to reach out to new audience and grow your business. IMAT Global , the best Digital marketing company In Kochi , provide the top class SEM service to our client, by using the paid method to promote your brand/product on most visible pages on the search engine result pages. Our experienced team plan the best strategy for your website and market the product /service of your brand at the best cost. Hubspot says 35 % of product searches happening on google, and average search session last for less than one minute, it is important to list your business on visible areas of search engine result page. As a brand , it is import to invest in search engine marketing.

Benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ? Search engine marketing can help your brand/Products/service reach out to prospecting customers instantly
Search engine marketing helps you to Increase the brand awareness
Search engine marketing targets the right audience.
Search engine marketing can create more website traffic.

#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global
Best Digital Marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not a buzzword anymore, there are lot of personalities who having enough followers who choose influencer marketing as a career, But most of scenario the brands who approaching influencer marketer without an influencer marketing agency will end up with burning their marketing budget, scams or not meeting their expectation. As the top influencer marketing agency in Kochi, We strategies and plan which endorser will work for your brand and fulfill your requirement cost effectively. Influencer marketing is kind of digital marketing it uses brand mentions, product endorsement from a celebrity or influencer who have a great number of followers on social media. The brand who are working with those influencer can capture the trust of their followers and get succeed on marketing goals.

Benefit of Influencer Marketing ? Influencer marketing can hype your brands credibility and confidence on your customers
Influencers have great number of followers and your brand will have the great reach
Your brand can increase the quality demand generation in the market

E-mail marketing

IMAT Global, the leading digital marketing company in Kochi, We offer email marketing services to our clients, email marketing considered as a inexpensive way to promote your product or service as compared to other marketing channels. We are the best email marketing agency in Kochi, we provide the distinctive email marketing solutions to our clients. Email marketing is an effective way to promote your product or service to your custom audience. One survey found 59 % of responders are influenced by email marketing when it come on purchase decision and conversion rate of email marketing 2.3 % compared to 1% social media marketing conversion. .

How E-mail marketing help your business? Email marketing directly influence the purchase behavior and decision making of customers.
Do surveys and collect feedback directly from audience.
Conduct campaigns and drive traffic to website.
Email campaigns are cheaper then other marketing methods.

#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global
Best Digital Marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global

search engine optimization(seo)

At IMAT Global our best practices towards SEO is to ensure the quantity and quality traffic to your website in organic way. As the best SEO agency in Kochi our content team create and publish the relevant content related to your niche. Our experienced SEO team plan with you and define the goals and strategies the SEO plan for your business which is included the complete website audit. We use the most efficient and updated tools for search engine optimization, our approach towards Search engine optimization is to create and deliver relevant and accurate data, optimize your landing page experience and other tested result oriented plans. As a top Web design company Kochi, we create SEO friendly website as the basic package. Our designers follows the best practices of SEO to make our website more optimized to search engines. Being a top digital marketing agency in Kerala we update ourselves as the search engine algorithms constantly evolving. We are the capable team who can win on SEO with your competitors.

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help your brand? SEO helps to direct more organic traffic to your website
You can capture an audience who ignore paid search engine ads
Local search engine optimization is very effective for some category businesses
Search engine optimization can boost your business conversions.


Best Online Marketing Agency Kochi

As one of the best online marketing agencies in Kochi, we use our proven strategies and tested result oriented tools to promote your product or services on various internet marketing channels. Digital marketing is known as Online marketing, Internet marketing,Web marketing etc. .

Main Advantage of internet marketing over conventional marketing are Online marketing cost is cost effective
Online marketing have more reach
Online marketing is more target oriented.
Online marketing can improve branding

#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi, Kerala-IMAT Global